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We operate under a simple rule for blood cleanup- when the blood is smaller than a dinner plate, it can be cleaned up by a single person using PPE (personal protective equipment). The blood should be disposed of using regulation procedures.

For areas with blood spills that are in a commercial or industrial area, further regulations must be heeded. The person cleaning up the blood must have undertaken training for the safe handling of bloodborne microorganisms. This ensures a satisfactory cleanup process. The area should be closed off and any items in the area should be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated.

When the blood spill is larger than the size of a plate, you should call us to deal with it.

The majority of our work involves large area spills and instances of trauma. These include vehicular accidents, homicide or suicide crime scenes, major medical trauma and similar situations. Our entire job is cleaning up the blood and removing bio-hazardous material from the area. We don’t work like a typical carpet cleaning or traditional cleaning company. We bring scientific expertise to our job to ensure that all pathological diseases carried within the blood are unable to contaminate people or materials. We also get out all blood stains to help the area and the people there to be able to get back to their lives and achieve a semblance of normalcy. Additionally, our approach to the work prevents the spread of disease.

We Are Unable to Clean Blood from Carpets

You cannot really and truly remove blood from carpets and similarly porous materials at a microscopic level. You might be able to get rid of the stain, but you will never truly get the blood out. You will find that most carpet cleaning companies do not clean out blood stains for this very reason.

We can get rid of any blood spills, however. We scrub down and clean the affected areas, cut off portions of carpet and other porous materials and perform structural remediation. We also wipe down and sanitize all surfaces. Once we have cleaned everything, we test the area for any lingering contamination. We ensure that after every job we do, no contaminants remain behind.


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