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Crime Scene and Trauma Cleanup in Orlando

What are the steps?

1. Minimizing Pollution at the Scene
To achieve the best control over contamination, the technicians divide up the scene into three different zones. These zones are delineated with plastic sheets and bio-tape. The separating of areas keeps the clean areas apart from the polluted ones.

2. Removing Debris and Handling Biohazard Materials
Debris Removal: The area cannot be cleaned until it has had the large debris removed from it. Items that cannot be remediated are destroyed. A portion of the debris may need to be dismantled and broken down for disposal. While the debris is being removed, the technicians will also establish air scrubbing efforts to stop air pollution in the control zone.

Decontamination: Once debris has been removed, the control area is heavily disinfected. To do this, the technicians have to spray affected areas several times in specific intervals. After the spraying has taken place, the technicians wipe all surfaces clean. Then the area is tested for cleanliness.

Odor Removal: The last part of the process involves getting rid of any odors that may be hanging about. This is accomplished with a deodorizer.


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