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Fire Damage And Smoke Clean Up In Orlando

From the years 2009 to 2011, the U.S. Fire Administration calculated nearly 750 deaths resulting from home fires. Many of these deaths could have been prevented by simply blowing out candles, using fireless candles, or by cleaning the dryer vent of lint. When speaking about fire damage and its danger to your home, you need to consider three things- preventing the fire, mitigating disaster, and restoring your home.

Mitigating the Fire Damage

Mitigation is classified by FEMA (that’s the Federal Emergency Management Association) as any method undertaken to keep lives and property intact from fire damage. It includes learning about fire prevention and how best to deal with fire and fire damage when they occur. It further includes obtaining insurance and working with the community to prevent fire damage.

Restoring materials after fire has damaged them is something that can only take place after the affected area has been declared safe to enter by the authorities. Smoke created by fire can cause acidic damage and stain and corrode numerous surfaces. Many times the methods used to stop the fire can create more damage than the fire itself. Fire restoration includes heat damage, smoke damage and fire damage under the same classification.

How You Can Help

Start by calling the experts. You will require the assistance of professional fire remediation experts, so don’t hesitate to call us when you have fire damage in your home.

Then open the windows. This will help air the rooms out and release the smoke so that it can cause no further damage. Get the kids and pets out of the area. Smoke contains carcinogens that can have major medical repercussions. You may want to move your kids and pets in with a friend, neighbor or family member for the time being.

Next, you should clean out your fridge. Then keep the door open to let them air out and prevent odors from amassing inside.

Determine what is damaged and what items you will need to get by. Make a list of all necessary items that need replacing and take pictures of all fire damage. You will have to have these to give to your insurance company. The authorities may request pictures as well, so you may want to make additional copies.

Let the Professionals Handle the Heavy Lifting

Some parts of the remediation are best left to the professionals. When toxic gases are involved or there are hot ashes in the area, it may not be safe for you to handle the remediation on your own. Professionals in the fire remediation industry are equipped with the tools and training to handle dangerous situations with the utmost safety.

  • You should not wipe the walls cleans, nor should you try to clean absorbent areas such as wood furniture. You should also avoid sitting on any affected upholstery.
  • Never eat any food from the affected areas. This includes any canned items as well.
  • You should also avoid activating your heating and cooling units.
  • Keep away from any items that use electricity until the authorities tell you they are safe to use.


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