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orlando water extraction contractorOur water remediation services are available for both residential and commercial clients. Different water problems can create hazards in your home or business. These could include an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe, or flooding due to a storm. These are only a small sampling of the causes for water damage on your premises.

Our professionals can remove the water from the area quickly and efficiently. We will provide you with a free estimate when you give us a call about your water problems. The longer you wait to call, the more damage will occur. You may not even notice the damage that is taking place behind your walls and under your floor. Don’t hesitate a moment longer to call the experts for your water removal.


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The Best in Water Remediation

It is possible to bring back the original quality of your home or place of business. But if you have had serious water damage there, then you will need to call in an expert to have the water removed. Professional services can ensure that the area is sanitized and free of any bacteria that can grow when water collects.

Damage from standing water can cause mold to start growing. This creates a musky smell that can spread through the entire area. The mold can cause many health issues, particularly breathing problems for young children and the elderly or infirm.

Our Water Removal Services

Water Damage Removal – From small leaks to major flooding, we handle all types of water damage and removal. Water can get into hard to reach areas and make removal a pain, but our experts can removal it all for you.

Professional Drying – After we have extracted the water, we use dehumidifiers and professional-grade drying devices to get all the moisture out of carpets, wood, clothing, fabric and more. Getting the drying done as soon as possible is vital to restoring your materials.

Stopping Mold – We make sure mold does not start growing in the affected areas. Once mold forms, it can be hard to get rid of. So we do our best to ensure it never gets a chance to start. But once again, you have to contact us immediately for the best results.

We have technicians standing by, waiting to help you!

In case you are going for a journey for a long duration and you possess a gas water heater, and you want to turn off water flow to your house, it is significant to shut off the pilot. When you leave it unturned, and it happens that the water heater seeps, losing water, without any replacement of the leaked water, your unit is damaged. Whichever the emergency you need to avert and restore any situation as a result of flooding, a company on our website is of great help.

Addressing Mold

Areas with wet conditions for a long duration encourage the growth of mold. Taking an early action to remove conditions that are favorable for growth of mold protects the health of people staying is the building. Whether the building is used as a dwelling premise or a centre for conducting business transactions, no one could want to expose people to health risks that are created by the existence of mold. The company restoring water destruction carefully eliminates the mold and prevents it from growing again.

It is prudent to choose companies that have expertise in water damage restoration in order to minimize the ruin and risks which caused by water. When you involve an expert company, you not a safe environment for your health and your building but also the restoration process is faster and appropriate.

Water Damage Orlando, Florida

Specializing in water damage restoration services, our company makes sure to use only the best and most experienced professional technicians to restore your property to its former glory. With innovative methods and the most updated technology, our technicians are able to provide quick water extraction services. Water damage cannot only damage your homes, but it can also ruin a lot of your valuables, entailing you a lot of expenses. So before the damage worsens, cut your losses and make sure to use only a trained specialist who will ensure that your property will go back to its original state, in no time.

Services We Offer:


  1. Water Damage Restoration. As part of our water damage restoration, we offer drying services. Our restoration specialists will make use of machinery (e.g., large fans) to be able to dry out your carpets. That way we will be able to further check the extent of the damage and salvage what can be salvaged. We also provide pumps and wet vacuums to achieve maximum dryness. We also make sure that all your carpets and paddings will be pulled up and scanned properly for any parts that can be salvaged.


Well-versed at assessing properties, our restoration technicians will thoroughly assess all your property, from essential documents, art works, furniture, appliances, electronics (e.g., computers, laptops, etc.), draperies and the likes. We also offer complete restoration services for all your items and valuables inside the damaged area. Apart from restoration services, we also offer cleaning services. Once we have stripped off all the carpet and damaged flooring, our restoration team will clean the area. They will also disinfect and dehumidify the area to effectively rid the area of any bacteria and stop the growth of mold and mildew.


  1. Sewage Cleaning and Restoration. Sewage spills are one of the most troublesome issues any homeowner might face. Not only are they dirty and unpleasant, but sewage issues also bring about a lot of health problems. The common culprits for sewage spills would be clogged pipes, pipes that have been blocked by roots or grease or a buildup of waste materials that have been flushed down the toilet (e.g., sanitary napkins, wet tissues, etc.). Should your area experience flooding, this could also cause sewage spills.


As part of our services, we offer the basic sewage cleaning service, wherein we inspect the area to check if there are any leaks. Once the damaged part has been identified, this area will be disinfected and sanitized. That way there will be no more buildup of bacteria. Should the problem still occur, we will need to implement complete and extensive sewage restoration services. We will unclog and revamp your piping system. Should there be extensive damage in the pipes, we will replace them with new ones. There are instances when the growth of mold is found. All this will be removed in order to ensure that your sewage system will be cleaned as not to contaminate your water system.


  1. Mold Remediation and Removal Services. During a buildup of moisture, there is usually a growth of mold as well. As they cause of a lot of health issues, it is imperative that they be eliminated right away, especially after you have experienced any water problem. We offer mold testing services where we measure the mold count present in the air. We will even determine the kind of mold present in your homes and its level of toxicity. Should we have ascertained that there is indeed mold present in your homes, we will fix the root cause of your mold issue. As mold issues usually come with moisture problems, we will fix the problem causing the buildup of moisture, such as leaking pipes or improper ventilation.


Once the main problem is fixed, we will contain the area where there is growth of mold. This area will be sealed off for treatment. That way the spores will not spread throughout the house and cause contamination problems. We will conduct a thorough mold inspection to determine what parts of the contaminated area will need to be disposed as there are instances when the mold cannot be cleaned out anymore such as infested drywall. For flood problems, those surfaces that have been damaged by water will be taken out and disposed of as well.


For disposal, we make sure to contain the mold by sealing the extracted materials in bags to make sure that the spores remain trapped. After this, we will disinfect the area with special disinfecting and cleaning agents that will remove the remnants of mold. Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned, we will dry the area. As mold thrives in wet areas, we will ensure that the area is dried thoroughly as to avoid any mold issue again in the future. We will bring our industrial fans that are used to take out any excess moisture in the area. For portions of the property that have been disposed, we will place in new materials and restore them to their former state. All parts of your walls, floors or ceilings that have been disposed to mold growth will be repaired.


  1. Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration. One of the most devastating events any person can experience in their lifetime would be a fire. Not only are they deadly, but they are also extremely costly in terms of restoration and repairs. We offer immediate restoration services for fire damage in order to reduce the presence of soot and smoke. As part of our restoration services, we offer extensive assessment of your property, from the structure of your property to the buildup of dust and char.


We also remove all the damaged parts of your structure, as this will affect the foundation of your home or building. We also remove the coverings of your floor, which usually collect a lot of dust and soot. Moreover there are times when the floor coverings hide other damage caused by the fire. Therefore we make sure to remove these and assess any additional damage. Once we have removed all the carpeting and damaged parts of your structure, we will evaluate the frame of your structure and all the other parts of your floor. We will assess the condition of these materials to see which items can be repaired and salvaged. Any retained part of the structure will be duly treated with proper cleaning agents to ensure that all bacteria will be eliminated as not to cause any health issue at home.


Why Choose Us


Water damage can be one of the biggest problems any home owner can face. Not only can it ruin a lot of your fixtures and other valuables, but in worst cases, water damage can even cause you to move out temporarily and seek shelter elsewhere. Expensive and troublesome, water damage requires extensive restoration work that can only be done by experts. This is why it is important to get repair and restoration services from those in the know. That way you can be sure that your homes will be in habitable condition again.

Immediate response
As we know the extent of the damage a simple water leak can do to your walls, floor, and even furniture, we make it a point to respond immediately to any concerns you have. We are proud to be known as one of the fastest acting group of professionals who are experts in water removal and water damage repairs. As we have made it our goal to attend to all your needs, our office hours are daily, from Mondays to Sundays. We even work on holidays. So should you have any water emergency, you can be sure that someone will attend to you.

Experts in this line of business

Catering to all restoration and repair needs for any water damage, our expert team of technicians is adept at handling simple repair tasks caused by a broken leak to a wider scope of work caused by floods. All our technicians have undergone rigorous training to ensure that they will be able to give you the best service possible. Each and every technician in our team is an expert.

Fully insured and complete with licenses

Apart from being efficient with our repairs and restoration work, our technicians are all fully insured. So should there be any problems that occur during the duration of their restoration or repair work, you do not need to worry as you will not be charged for anything. Apart from this, we also have all the necessary certificates and licenses needed to provide these niche services. That way you can always be sure that you are in good hands.
Stringent methods


As water damage makes your home a candidate for bacteria to breed at, we make sure to employ only the most stringent methods to ensure that there will be no contamination and growth of bacteria or mold in the area. We only use the safest and most effective cleaning and disinfecting materials that will thoroughly clean your homes.



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