We Are the Water Damage Repair Experts

You are in good care when you call us.  Here is how we help:

We make sure all moisture is removed from the area

Our infrared detectors and moisture sensors can determine if any water remains. This helps us track down all sources of hidden water to ensure no further damage occurs to your property. We act quickly to make certain that all water is removed and your materials are restored.

We remove all water from materials

We have a number of water extraction tools at our disposal, each perfect for different jobs. We use truck mounted vacuuming systems and hand vacuums that can get out water of any quantity. We even have tools that pull water out of absorbent carpets, and we guarantee the removal of up to 97% of the water.

We use expert drying techniques

Our industrial strength fans can speed up the drying process considerably. Our negative pressure drying machines help restore ceilings and floors to their original condition. We also use dehumidifiers to pull the air from the room.

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