Residential Water Damage Remediation

If you have been the victim of serious water damage due to faulty pipes or flash flooding, then you need professional assistance immediately. Water damage can erode your structural materials by rooting out wood, drywall and more.

If the water is left to stand in your home or business, then it will create mold, fungus and various bacteria. The longer you hesitate to have the water damage assessed and taken care of, the more damage will be done to your home and your health. And if you wait to have the water damage remediated, then the cost of remediation will increase as well.

Contact us and we will come assist you very quickly. Our crew can get started on removing the water from the area and restoring your possessions to their original condition.

We start by assessing the damage done. We check over your entire property and look for signs of hidden water. Then we get to work cleaning up the area using professional tools and training.

Once we start cleaning up the water, we don’t stop until the job is completed. We know that even small amounts of water can cause serious damage over time and can become breeding grounds for all sorts of harmful organisms. We dry the area as much as possible to make sure water is pulled out from porous materials.

Then we use dehumidifiers to draws the water out of the air. We return fresh air to the area with large fans and ensure that no water is left to cause problems for you. Then we use state-of-the-art water detection tools to determine if any water is remaining in the area.

We then begin restoring the area as much as possible. Carpet will likely need to be replaced, as well as some flooring. We dry every surface completely and then move all materials back into the area that had to be moved out when the crisis started. While the process is taking place, you can elect to have some of your possessions stored in one of our secure storage facilities.

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